What differentiates us?


We have been based in Wadeville since inception.

Control room

Our control room operates 24/7/365.

Pre-deployment training

Security officers undergo an internal training course prior to deployment.

“Client Liaison”

Clients receive regular visits from all levels of management, thus ensuring that concerns are addressed timeously.

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Key Operational Questions and Answers

1. System in place to identify / communicate criminal activities / statistics in the direct area of the sites and deployment plan to safe guard the premises after crime pattern identification

We actively communicate with policing authorities (SAPS and Metro) in regards to crimes affecting our clients as well as to the information we gather via our vast network of informants. We regularly meet with the SAPS, during these meetings we discuss risks and share information we gathered through our vast network of informants.

We manage various “Whatsapp” groups that allow us to receive and share information relating to criminal activities in our area.

We recently had great success with one of these groups after a truck hijacking; the shared information resulted in members of the Pretoria flying squad recovering the vehicle within twenty minutes of receiving the information from one of our groups.

Our control room relays information on suspicious vehicles as soon as we receive this information, this allows all officers posted to be aware of potential risks in their areas.

We actively assist the Elsburg SAPS with stop and search operations in Wadeville and are members of a security forum that meets regularly.

Records of all security personnel deployed to a client’s premises

A file with the following details could be placed on site or with the security manager if required:

  • PSIRA qualifications
  • Copy of ID document
  • Confirmation by myself that the persons posted has no criminal records

Your team – Who will be deployed to your premises?

We would at all times have the same team on site, as well as at least three additional relievers trained and inducted in relation to your site requirements (Site operating procedures)


All staff on site {Relieve staff included} would be trained as to your requirements. The re-certification would start in month ten, and be finalized in month 11.

The agreed SOP will form part of a monthly site test, and the pass rate will be capped at 95 %.

Our shift managers will be tasked to conduct these as they will know the SOP and other requirements from the inset.

Uniform and equipment

Security is the first line of sight when customers enter your premises.

Our staff is issued sufficient uniform when deployed, and these are inspected daily by visiting shift managers when the required new uniform is issued immediately if found to be unserviceable.

Security officers are issued with “Freezer suit” jackets during winter, thus ensuring that they are comfortable and warm at all times. This helps to reduce time off as a result of winter-related illnesses.

Equipment required as per your specifications will be placed on site as per a site inventory records. This equipment is handed over between shifts as per an OB entry and is inspected daily by the shift managers, an official “site inventory checklist” forms part of this process.

Site visits / supervision / Management visits and meetings

The frequency of visits would be negotiated with you, standard visits by shift managers are at least one per day shift and two visits after 18:00. We also do not specify the frequency as we believe that these visits should not be set in stone, criminal elements would learn our site visit patterns and plan crimes not to coincide with these.

Supervise visits by senior management after hours is not made known to any staff members, shift managers included.

Disciplinary process

All staff when employed receive a copy of all company policies, these include: The disciplinary process and code, dress code, sexual harassment policy as well as our use of force policy.

A zero tolerance policy is applied to all forms of misconduct, the security industry as with law enforcement relies heavily on discipline.

We make use of neutral persons to chair our disciplinary hearings to ensure neutrality and fairness.

All our policies and codes are reviewed annually by our company IR consultants, Labournet.

Action against any staff member that does not comply with company or client requirements happens immediately, when and where required non-compliant staff members are disciplined and transferred from the site immediately.

We evaluated and improve service delivery by means of an evaluation system, key aspects related to security services delivery are evaluated monthly and this ensures constant improvement and measuring of service delivery.