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Wadeville Secure offers the following services that are electronic by nature:

Other services and products offered by our technical department include :

Wadeville Secure - Technical Services

CCTV Remote Monitoring:

We have been monitoring remotely since 2007.

CCTV images as well as alarm situations from client premises are streamed to the control room via ADSL connections. Depending on the situation at hand the control room dispatches either armed response, SAPS, or Medical response. This whilst the situation is in progress.

This application allows us to view incidents at the client’s premises in almost real time {2-5 second delays}.

Telkom provides the ADSL lines that have the following advantages:

Alarm / motion detection via CCTV cameras are not as reliable, for this reason we install alarm system linked to the control room via GPS transmitters, in the event of an intrusion the alarm system  “informs” the control thereof , where after related cameras are viewed.

The suspect/s is then monitored whilst in the process of commuting a crime.

Videofied Alarm Systems:

Videofied guarding utilises the latest in wireless video alarm technology direct from France. Military grade IP65 rated outdoor infrared cameras, completely wireless and self-sufficient. Virtual Security doesn’t need a phone line to communicate, nor does it need power. Self-contained lithium batteries last up to 2 years without the need for replacing. Communication of all alarm signals are sent via the GSM network thanks to a built in on-board modem.

Total Flexibility:

Wireless technology means no wires and total flexibility to move the system around your site and provide maximum security as it evolves, it also means it can easily be moved from site to site as one project finishes and a new one commences.


Videofied guarding can be provided on small, medium or large projects, whether the requirements is short, medium or long term it doesn’t matter. Leader Security can tailor an affordable Videofied guarding package to accommodate any requirement.

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