Our Technical Services

We have a wide array of technical services that empower every one of our existing clients. We only stock and install the state of the art equipment to ensure that our clients are always covered.

CCTV - remote monitoring

CCTV footage from client premises is streamed to the control room via ADSL connections. Depending on the situation at hand the control room dispatches either armed response, SAPS, or Medical response. This whilst the crime is in progress.

Remote monitoring allows our control room staff to safely view possible threats or incidents at the client’s premises in almost real time.

Alarm/motion detection via CCTV cameras are not as reliable, for this reason, we install alarm system linked to the control room via GPS transmitters, in the event of an intrusion the alarm system  “informs” the control thereof, whereafter related cameras are viewed.

The suspect/s is then monitored whilst in the process of committing a crime.


Videofied alarm systems

With more than 1,000,000 installations in over 60 countries around the globe, Videofied is quickly being recognized for the advantages it brings to entire communities.

The Videofied alarm system utilizes the latest in wireless video alarm technology direct from France. Military grade IP65 rated outdoor infrared cameras are completely wireless and self-sufficient. Videofied alarm systems don’t need a phone line to communicate, nor does it need power. Self-contained lithium batteries last up to 2 years without the need for replacing. Communication of all alarm signals is sent via the GSM network thanks to a built-in onboard modem.

Wireless technology means no wires and total flexibility to move the system around your site and provide maximum security as it evolves, it also means it can easily be moved from site to site as one project finishes and a new one commences.

Videofied  = Total Flexibility

Mobile DVR Systems

Crime affects every business in South Africa, should it be employees being involved in crimes, being the victims of crimes, or in individuals or groups targeting businesses with the aim of financial gain.

The transport industry is especially vulnerable due to the nature of the transport industry. Vehicles traveling or at stops are targeted by individuals or groups target the vehicle, load and/or parts (Tyres, brake lines etc.)

As we all know, transportation is part of nearly everybody’s daily life; people use vehicles for work and leisure travel, schools dispatch buses to pick up students and send them home, logistics companies use vehicles to deliver goods.

We can say the very fabric of society – people and assets – is being transported from one place to another every minute of every day. So securing them is obviously extremely important.

A mobile DVR has one of its prime roles in helping to secure such situations, protecting people flow and assets and ensuring the safety of traffic environments.

MDVR’s would allow the user of the fleet monitor to confirm vehicle movement in real time and to compare this to known route/s the vehicle has been scheduled to travel.

Deviances from this route or plan can be viewed by connecting to the onboard CCTV (MDVR) system.


Videofied System Features

  • SMS Text & Email Alerts

    Stay connected and in control with the Videofied mobile application

  • Reduced installation labour time

    Reduced installation labour time with the Videofied system. Less cabling and configurations.

  • Does not rely on Escom

    Does not rely on Escom (Direct power supply) to operate. This ensures that you are always covered.

  • Easy Video Activation

    Activations are confirmed by means of video clips

  • Receive Email Notifications of All Activations

    Accountability in the fact that the client receives email notifications of all activations

  • Conforms to European Military Specifications

    Equipment had been tested internationally and conforms to European military/security specifications

Total Control
From Anywhere in the World

Our security systems have mobile platforms that allow our clients to view their camera system from wherever they are in the world via your web-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop.