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Recruitment Policy:

Having the right employee on site, as required by a client is of the utmost importance to us.  In view of this, we implement the following recruitment model:

The following requirements and tests are considered:

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Before a security officer is deployed he/she undergoes a two week training course.

Lectures (In-house training):

During the first week of training, candidates study the following subjects: Access control, Patrolling techniques, Administration, Legal aspects (Arrest, searching, seizures etc.) and discipline/disciplinary code. Candidates are tested daily to ensure that lectures were taken to heart. A pass rate of 70% has been set.  

Onsite Training:

In the second week candidates who successfully pass the lecture (class room) phase of training are then posted to three different sites over a five day period. During this time they receive onsite training where after they are evaluated by the site commanders on site.

Employment Equity:

All personnel are provided with opportunities for personal growth within the company, with the following posts being available:

We employ female security officers as well as other female personnel (admin). 92% of our staffing compliment consists of previously disadvantaged individuals.  We have an employment equity plan in place, which is reviewed regularly as prescribed by law. Our Labour Forum has access to this plan and participates by means of regular meetings.


In addition to the duties being performed by the Security Officers at each site, the following processes are implemented to ensure safety and security at the sites:

These procedures are drawn up in conjunction with the client, and prescribe the needs and expectations of the client.

The following aspects are addressed:


All operational vehicles are fitted with live satellite tracking systems {Skytrax}. These systems monitor vehicle movements 24/7, ensuring that site visits are done timeously and as requested by clients.

Managerial Visits:  

A manger is on standby every night, the standby duties include:

Guarding Services Access Control Access Control


Our investigators are ex-S.A.P.S. detectives with experience in the fields of murder, robbery, fraud, theft, etc.

Other service offered under the investigations banner is:

The majority of investigations we undertake are matters resulting from crimes having been committed; these are then investigated in conjunction with the SAPS, local detective branches and/or Organised Crime, Germiston.

All investigations are undertaken with the aim at presenting evidence in criminal court, as well as CCMA if required.


We comply with all the requirements as stipulated by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, No 75 of 1997, and Amendment of Sectorial Determination 9: Private security Sector, South Africa.

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